Workshop Overview


Perfect International (FZC) has a plot area of 12,420 sq. mtr. (46 mtr. width x 270 mtr. length).We have two fully equipped covered bays of 1800 sq. mtr. (20 mtr. width x 90 mtr. length) & 1980 sq. mtr. (22 mtr. width x 90 mtr. length). Covered bay no. 1 has two EOT cranes of 30 ton & 10 ton capacity each. Covered bay no. 2 has two EOT cranes of 16 ton & 10 ton capacity each. We have 8,640 sq. mtr. open yard with 45 ton Goliath crane. However, we can fabricate jobs up to 300 tons in single piece. It can be handled & loaded on trailer using lifting jacks. Our present workforce consists of 415 + employees working round the clock.With our existing two working bays, open yard & available resources, we have the capability to handle jobs with production capacity of 500 tons/month.

We are specialized in manufacturing of process skid packages for Oil & Gas Industry. We also manufacture complete range of Oil & Gas industry related equipments in accordance with ASME ‘U’ & ‘U2’ stamp requirements such as Two/Three Phase Test Separators, Slug Catchers, KO Vessels, Flash Vessels, Sump Vessels, Drain Vessels, Surge Tanks, Columns & Towers, Air Receivers, Mud Gas Separators, etc. We manufacture Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers in accordance with ASME ‘U’ & ‘U2’ requirements and TEMA standards. We also manufacture desalination industry equipments such as heat exchangers, MED (Multiple Effect Distillation) type desalination plants which consists of evaporators, condensers, preheaters, thermocompressors with complete skid, SS & GRE piping, instrumentation, electrical etc. We are also specialised in super duplex, duplex piping spools fabrication for Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) plants.


We have manufactured complete range of static & rotary equipment for edible oil industry such as deodorizers, extractors, bleachers, crystallizers, etc. We are specialized in fabricating equipment for wide range of industries using Stainless Steel, Inconel625, Incolloy825, Cu-Ni(70/30) Cu-Ni(90/10), Titanium, Duplex Steel, Super Duplex & other materials. We work to stringent specification that require complex fabrication, detailed inspection & testing requirements.